Prevent Water Damage Reduce Your Water Footprint

Water leakage protection

Prevent Water Damage

A lot of water enters your building. At some point, some of it will escape. And when leaks happen, they can be very expensive. Electricity, elevators, computers, equipment – damages adds up. And that’s before you calculate the disruption to your business. Lost productivity, projects delayed, clients let down – the costs can be huge.

Like any risk to your business, water must be closely monitored. Otherwise, you’ll only know you’ve got a leak when it’s too late and the damage is done.

With WINT, guarding against water damage is easy and efficient. 

Reduce Water Consumption

Water is not just a risk; it’s also a source of cost and a focus for sustainability aware organizations. WINT makes it easy to reduce consumption. With WINT, organizations can:

WINT customers reduce water consumption by 20%~28%.