Water is the primary reason for rising commercial property claims costs and experts are putting the blame squarely on one major issue: deteriorating infrastructure.
Green building
The operating phase of a building can account for up to 80% of its lifetime costs, making it the most expensive and most prolonged
The greener the building, the more it’s worth. But don’t take our word for it. In 2021, the green building market in the US
Water construction threat
Construction is due to begin on the site of your new development. You’ve lined up everything necessary to greenlight this project: insurance, health and
Water leak detection systems
Powerful leak prevention technologies have matured over the last few years, and water management and leak detection systems are becoming a must-have in any
2023 is here, and as we plan for what’s ahead, we thought we’d look at all that the last year brought us. 2022 was
Carbon footprint of water
Water consumption results in significant carbon emissions. Every cubic meter used results in some 10-15Kg of emissions. We discuss the details here …
Reducing construction insurance claims
WINT has been named a finalist in the Insurance Times’ Tech & Innovation Awards 2019, and we’re very proud to be recognized for our
Prevent water damage
The construction industry must always manage risk. It is in a contractor’s best interest to be proactive and mitigate as much as possible, including
Water management and insurance policy
The threat of water damage to commercial buildings is an often-underestimated risk, but it’s a very real problem that facility managers must face. Office
Data analytics
Smart water system management is a priority for facilities. Leaks and burst or broken pipes can cause expensive water damage if not quickly detected,
Clean water becoming a global problem
I’ve recently been doing some research on water scarcity, and what I’ve learned is disturbing. Access to clean drinking water is not just a
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