Here, you’ll find definitions and best practices on terms commonly used in the water intelligence world from commercial water leak detection to green building, water management and EoW (Escape of Water).

Builders risk insurance
Builder’s risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that offers extensive protection against various risks and dangers that may arise during construction
Water intelligence
In recent years, the advancement of water intelligence technology has profoundly impacted the built environment, transforming how we manage and utilize water resources. Innovative
ESG, an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance, has gained considerable importance in the business and investment world in recent years.
Water is water management?
Water management involves the responsible use and conservation of water resources to ensure a sustainable future. It means being efficient about the use, collection,
water efficiency
Water is a critical resource that is becoming increasingly scarce due to climate change, population growth, and unsustainable consumption practices. Buildings are among the
What is proptech?
Property technology or proptech is a buzzword that has taken the real estate industry by storm. In recent years, technology has been the driving
Before touching on the subject of water, it’s important that we answer the question, what is a carbon footprint? Carbon footprint refers to the
Leak detection
Water is essential for life, but when it comes to buildings and infrastructure, it can also be a source of damage and costly repairs.
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