About Us

Water is the stuff of life - and it’s our business.

Water is scarce and needs to be used with more care. Water can also cause damage when it gets into the wrong places. 

At WINT, we’re passionate about helping the world conserve one of its most precious resources, and we want to help people prevent the hazard and the hassle of water leaks. A group of technologists who love solving complex real-world problems, the people at WINT have developed advanced technology to solve these two problems efficiently and intelligently.

We know we can meet these twin needs, and we’re constantly striving to spread the word that WINT can:

WINT is part of the greening of your business and your adherence to environmental regulations. It works out where you’re using more water than you should, how your use changes over time, and how you can address problems before they cause damage.

WINT gives you the intelligence and early-warning system that can save you from disaster. And it’s day job is to help you dramatically reduce water consumption.

More efficient use of water, saving you up to 25% on your water bills.
Preventing disasters, and saving your business from water damage.

Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

WINT Joins ESG Impact Innovation Program To Deliver Global Water Sustainability Solutions 🌍