About Us

Water is the stuff of life - and it’s our business.

Water is scarce and needs to be used with more care. Water can also cause damage when it gets into the wrong places. 

At WINT, we’re passionate about helping the world conserve one of its most precious resources, and we want to help people prevent the hazard and the hassle of water leaks. A group of technologists who love solving complex real-world problems, the people at WINT have developed advanced technology to solve these two problems efficiently and intelligently.

We know we can meet these twin needs, and we’re constantly striving to spread the word that WINT can:

WINT is part of the greening of your business and your adherence to environmental regulations. It works out where you’re using more water than you should, how your use changes over time, and how you can address problems before they cause damage.

WINT gives you the intelligence and early-warning system that can save you from disaster. And it’s day job is to help you dramatically reduce water consumption.

More efficient use of water, saving you up to 25% on your water bills.
Preventing disasters, and saving your business from water damage.

Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

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Our Mission

WINT is focused on leading the world to effectively manage water in buildings and facilities to reduce their environmental footprint and operating costs. We do this by controlling water flow in the building, reducing water leak damage, and eliminating waste and its associated carbon emissions.

Our Values

Passionate About Our Customers

We are committed to helping our customers succeed. We listen carefully to our customers. We understand their business, needs and pain points and suggest the right solutions. We care, take ownership and make sure we are trustworthy.

Simplify the Complex

Our customers and we are dealing with a complex challenge. We focus on the essential things; simplify them, and make things happen. We use imagination, innovation, and creativity and employ advanced technologies and methods.

Value Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

We think big and we are bold. We believe in what we do and have confidence in our ability to deliver responsibly what sometimes seems impossible.

Value Get Things Done

Get Things Done

We focus on fulfilling our commitments. We execute with the right quality and timely, regardless of circumstances.

Value Keep Getting Better

Keep Getting Better

We operate with high standards of professionalism and ethics. To consistently raise the bar, we reflect and learn from everything we do and get better daily.

Value Our People Matter

Our People Matter

Our partnership is a source of power. We build a team of passionate and dedicated high performers. We expect and enable them to make an impact. We enjoy working together and can always count on each other.