What is the Carbon Impact of Water?


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The carbon impact of water

Did you know that 13% of electricity in the US is used for water delivery and treatment?

Carbon emissions and water sustainability are two of the most urgent challenges facing the world.

The energy requirement, combined with emissions from the resulting sewage, has a significant carbon impact: on average, every cubic meter of water consumed generates 23lb (or 10.6Kg) of carbon emissions.

With such a rapidly dwindling resource, one would expect water to be treated with the “respect” it deserves. However, water efficiency in buildings is quite shocking:

  • Over 25% of the water entering a building, construction site or industrial facility goes to waste.
  • The water lost to one cooling tower malfunction generates the same emissions as flying 170 people from New York to London.
  • Just one leaky toilet wastes some 4.5 million liters (over 1 million gallons) and generates 46 tons of carbon emissions per year. That’s as much as a typical passenger car!


This Whitepaper will help discover how you can improve the sustainability stance of your properties and reduce enviromental footprint.