WINT Joins Wates’ Sustainable Innovation Network

Wates Group’s Wates Innovation Network (WIN), a network of green innovations designed to help companies transition to net zero, now includes WINT’s groundbreaking water management solutions

NEW YORKAug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WINT Water Intelligence, a leader in cutting-edge water management and leak-prevention solutions for construction, has been selected for Wates Group’s exclusive Wates Innovation Network (WIN), a curated marketplace of premium sustainable technology solutions for construction, development and facilities management professionals.

The first-of-its-kind WIN marketplace connects companies with select innovative partners approved by a screening panel of environmental thought leaders. The network is designed to accelerate the transition to net zero by showcasing best-in-class solutions for designing, constructing and maintaining buildings.


“We’re grateful to Wates Group for including us in this veritable toolbox for companies seeking ways to cut water consumption and lower their carbon emissions,” said Yaron Dycian, WINT’s chief product and strategy officer. “Eliminating waste is a critical step on the journey to net zero, and unfortunately most companies are not aware of the significant carbon impact of water. We aim to help those leading the way in the built environment take action.”

WINT’s inclusion into the portal comes on the heels of their recently published study uncovering the staggering impact that wasted water has on carbon emissions. The research illustrated that every 1,000 gallons of water used or wasted accounts for 85 pounds of carbon, and 25% of all water in the built environment is wasted.

“WINT is an ideal solution for the WIN portal, which connects organizations across the construction, real estate and facilities industries with the innovators driving sustainable technology opportunities for that space,” said Zainab Dangana, Ph.D., head of sustainable technology for the Wates Group. “We’re committed to supporting cutting-edge technology such as WINT that helps contractors, building owners, and developers meet their sustainability goals and achieve net zero.”

The Wates Innovation Portal stemmed from more than eight years of experience helping companies find the right tech-led solutions through Wates Sustainable Technology Services. This portal streamlines access to offerings and encourages other innovators to join the growing number of green tech solutions for the built environment.

WINT uses AI and machine learning to conduct real-time water-flow analysis to identify leaks, cut waste and risk, and reduce carbon emissions. It has been adopted by the world’s leading net-zero organizations including Microsoft, PepsiCo, Empire State Building and many other commercial, residential and construction companies.

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About WINT
WINT is dedicated to helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint by prevent the hazards, costs, waste and environmental impact associated with water leaks and waste. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and IoT technology, WINT provides a solution for commercial facilities, construction sites and industrial manufacturers looking to cut water waste, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate the impact of water-leak disasters. WINT has been recognized by Fast Company and CB Insights as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies and has won multiple awards including “Next Big things in Tech” and Insurance Times’ claims prevention technology award. For more information about WINT, visit

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