Mitigate Water Damage With AI-Powered Leak Detection By WINT Water Intelligence​

Protect Your Property From Water Damage and Harness the Power of WINT's Enterprise-Grade Water Management Solutions

Wint Enterprise Grade Water Management

Values and Benefits:

  • Prevent Water Damage

  • Mitigate Insurance Risks

  • Not only detect leaks, but control and take action in real-time

  • Lower Water Consumption and Waste

  • Cut Water Bills and Expenses

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

WINT Water Intelligence offers an Enterprise-Grade Water Management solution, detecting and preventing leaks across various types of properties – from construction to commercial, residential and industrial operational facilities.

By leveraging advanced AI-powered data analysis technology, pattern recognition, and machine learning, WINT ensures real-time, accurate and fail-safe performance. It not only prevents water damage but also reduces consumption on an average by 25% while cutting carbon emissions associated with water.

Connecting to any standard off-the-shelf meter or valve 3rd party equipment and integrating into proprietary cloud computing software, WINT provides comprehensive water management capabilities.

WINT’s accuracy in leak detection, reliable communication, and autonomous decision-making ensure uninterrupted operation and a peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Auto Valve Shut-Off

  • Manual Remote Valve Control

  • Flexible Action Policies

  • Advanced Management Control

  • Real-Time Granular Water Usage Visibility

  • Modern Dashboards and Reporting Capabilities