Flowless by WINT Wins the 2017 Energy Managers Association Award

Harvey Djanogly of Aqualytics receives the EMA’s 2017 Water Saving Product of the year award

The 2017 Energy Managers Association (EMA) Award winners have been revealed, and we’re excited to have won the Water Reduction Product of the Year award.
This award aims to celebrate the most inspiring energy reduction products, teams, projects, and other members of the community that strive for better energy management. We’re grateful to our UK partner, Aqualytics, who introduced Flowless to the EMA and did a fantastic job representing it to the award committee.

About the EMA

For those of you not familiar with the EMA, it is an organization set up by Lord Redesdale in June 2012 to act as the voice of the Energy Management profession. The goals of the organization are to improve the standing of the Energy Management profession and those working within it; establish best-practice in Energy Management, and to put Energy Management at the heart of British business to better meet energy requirements in the UK.

UK Water Usage Challenges

Two startling facts make water management a key piece of energy management in the UK. As Havey Djanogly of Aqualytics explains:

  1. UK insurers pay out around £2.5million every day for escape of water claims.*
  2. Businesses literally leak water and money. Anglian Water have found that “unexplained” water usage across its larger customers, amounts to 643,000 cubic meters of water per year; the equivalent to 257 Olympic swimming pools. Thus, a leak of one cubic meter per hour costs on average £70 each day or £25,715* over the course of a year.**
*Association of British Insurers
**Figures based on 2016/17 measured water and waste water charges from Anglian Water Business

Flowless insights impressed the award committee

As stated by the award committee, Flowless won the Water Reduction Product of the Year award for two main reasons:

  • Its ability to to significantly reduce water consumption by an impressive average of 20 percent per year. ‘
  • Its ability to prevent damage.

How Flowless Reduces Water Consumption

Flowless analyzes a facility’s water flow to provide organizations and property owners with critical insights driven by data and supported by pattern recognition. Because flowless understands how water is being used, it can highlight areas of misuse and poor efficiency such as over-irrigation and inefficient water users.
Furthermore, Flowless can detect hidden water leaks such as leaky toilets and identify equipment malfunctions such as faulty cooling towers. It alerts staff who can remediate the problem and put an end to the waste. As the award committee states, “Flowless doesn’t simply determine how much water a building consumes, but also identifies patterns in how that water is used.”

Flowless alerts staff immediately to changes in water usage patterns. Without Flowless, problems hidden leaks can go unnoticed, silently wasting water for weeks, months or years. When property owners and energy mangers can accurately determine patterns of water use, they can identify inefficiencies and reduce water consumption. This has a great impact on water savings and conservation, reducing waste and supporting local communities’ water conservation efforts.

Beyond Reduced Consumption: How Flowless Prevents Damage

When abnormal water consumption is detected, WINT can also shut off water supplies. The committee was impressed with the proactive solution Flowless offered to prevent leaks that can cause business disruption.

WINT Is Proud to Contribute to a Better Water Future

The 2017 EMA Award recognizes inspirational achievements, and both WINT and Aqualytics are dedicated to sustainable practices that promote water preservation and efficient water management.

WINT offers cutting-edge solutions to water management and we’re honored to have received the EMA Award for Flowless. Water an essential resource; waste, scarcity, and damage are all costly areas for businesses and communities. We’re proud to have provided a solution for water conservation with damage prevention in one powerful product and to have won the EMA award.

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